Terms and Conditions

“THE "BUSINESS” means ‘The Teepee Company’. ABN: 15486512731
“THE HIRER“ means the person(s) hiring equipment and/or purchasing purchase items.
“EQUIPMENT” means goods hired as they appear on the Booking Agreement.
"GOODS" means equipment and purchase items.
“THE AGREEMENT” means the Booking Agreement of goods ordered, including Terms and Conditions.
"EVENT" means the event, gathering or occasion, for which the goods are being provided
"THE WEBSITE" means the business website www.theteepeecompany.com.au



Bookings are made by submission of the booking form and acceptance of the booking terms and conditions, on the business website. A booking request can only be submitted to the business, once the hirer has agreed to the terms and conditions of the booking. Once the booking request has been received and agreed upon by the business and the hirer, a booking agreement is entered into and an invoice for payment is then forwarded to the hirer. Online acceptance of terms and conditions is all that is required to enter a booking agreement. The booking form not being physically signed by the hirer, does not void the agreement. The business will retain the booking form and your personal information, abiding by the laws contained in the Privacy Act to manage and protect your information.



A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of booking to hold your event date(s). Payment of the deposit can be made via credit card or bank deposit with PayPal or via bank deposit with your financial institution. An invoice will be sent to you for payment when your booking date has been confirmed, and you have acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement.  The deposit of $50 will contribute toward the overall cost of the invoiced amount and the deposit is transferable to a rescheduled event date (subject to availability).


The balance of your party booking payment, less deposit of $50 paid at time of booking, is due and payable 7 days prior to the date of your event. You will receive an invoice for this amount with a payment link via PayPal. Bank deposit details are available upon request. Cash is not accepted by The Teepee Company. If the final balance of the party booking has not been received 7 days prior to your event, we reserve the right to cancel your event. Equipment and services booked by the hirer for the cancelled event date(s) will then be made available to other hirers.


All payments are to be made via Credit Card or direct deposit with PayPal or via direct deposit with your financial institution, after acknowledgement and acceptance of this agreement.  Direct Deposit details are as follows:


Commonwealth Bank

The Teepee Company

BSB:       TBC

Acct:      TBC

Please use your name as payment reference.



The standard hire period is approximately 24 hours. The business will work with the hirer to arrange set up and collection times in the week prior to the event, within a 2 hour time window. Set up will always be completed at a minimum of one hour prior to your scheduled event time, for non DIY services.


The deposit of $50 payable at the time of booking, is non-refundable. At least 7 days notice is required for cancellations. If a cancellation request is received within 7 days of the event, 100% of the invoiced/paid amount, will be requested for payment/ forfeited by the hirer. If more than 7 days notice is given of the need to reschedule, any amount previously paid to the business by the hirer, may be used as credit towards an event at a rescheduled date (subject to availability).


We personally deliver goods to an address nominated by the hirer. 
We deliver free of charge to the Eastern and Yarra Valley suburbs of Melbourne. Please enquire with us if you live outside of these areas. Extra delivery charges may apply if the business needs to reschedule the delivery or return to the premises once delivery has taken place.


The business will deliver goods personally to the hirer at their nominated address.  The hirer must be present at the nominated address to accept the goods at the pre-arranged time.  Failure on the part of the hirer to be present for receiving and for the set-up of hire equipment, will result in cancellation of the event and the cancellation policy will then apply. Due to the nature of the business and with multiple event bookings on the same day as your event, hirers should be prepared for flexibility with set up and pack up times.



The hire equipment used for our teepee parties, is for entertainment purposes only. The equipment must only to be used for the intended purposes of sleeping in the teepees. Climbing on the teepees or engaging in any other dangerous activities around the teepees, is prohibited, as it may result in injury. It is also prohibited to move the teepees from where they have been set up by the business for your party. 


It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect goods upon receipt and report to the business, any damage to goods or discrepancies to the hire agreement, whilst the business is present.  The business may, through negotiation with the hirer, attempt to resolve any such faults or discrepancies prior to the event where practical.  If at any time during the hire period the hirer considers the equipment to be faulty, it is the hirers responsibility to contact the business by phone on 0402724944 or 0438053786 to report the problem. The Business reserves the right to repair or replace the faulty equipment as soon as practical during the hire period, to the reasonable satisfaction of the hirer. The hirer should not attempt to repair the equipment without prior consent from the business. Call out charges are payable by the hirer if the equipment is found to not be faulty on inspection. The business will not be liable for any loss, damage or costs incurred by the hirer due to faulty equipment for any reason. The business is not obliged to compensate the hirer for any such faults or discrepancies reported after the event has taken place.



It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that a smoke free, clean and safe indoor environment can be provided for use of hire goods and equipment. The hire equipment can not be used outdoors. The business reserves the right to cancel any booking, at our discretion, upon arrival to the nominated event address, if we believe our equipment may be at risk or damaged due to unsafe or unclean living environments or if the living environment contains a cigarette smoke odour. If cancellation results for the above reasons, our cancellation policy will apply and all payments made to the business for the event, will be forfeited.  Animals are not permitted in/on/near the hire equipment. If damaged is caused by an animal, or excessive cleaning is required to remove animal hair or staining to the hire equipment, the hirer will be responsible for cleaning and/or replacement costs. Food is permitted in the Teepees, at the risk of the hirer. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the hire equipment is not damaged in any way. Pens, Texta's, Face paint, hair chalk, coloured hair sprays, hair chalk, silly string, slime and all other products that may stain or damage the bedding or Teepee's, are not permitted in the Teepees. Nail polish is permitted to be worn in the Teepees, as long as care has been taken to ensure nails are dry before entering the Teepee.


The hirer is responsible for ensuring adequate space is available and made clear/ furniture removed, for the equipment hired to be assembled. The hirer is also responsible for clearly indicating the location of the set-up/ pack-up of the hire equipment.  The website of the business provides details of the size of the Teepees and the space required for each Teepee.  The business will set-up and pack-up equipment in accordance with description of product and services outlined on the website. The Business will take exceptional care, but shall not be liable for any damage to the site, site access, furniture or personal belongings. All floor areas must be clean from dirt and dust before setup commences.


The business will collect goods personally from the hirer.  The hirer must be present at the nominated address to return the goods at the pre-arranged time.  If the hirer is not present for collection, this will result in additional hire charges.  The business will dismantle and pack equipment for collection. The hirer does not need to clean the hire equipment as general cleaning with hypoallergenic detergents and spot cleaning of the decorations and Teepee canopies is included in the hire price.


Damage to, or breakage of equipment during the hire period is the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer acknowledges and agrees that any charges for damages/ heavy duty cleaning, will be actioned after the event date and costs are payable by the hirer.


The business will not be liable for any claim for personal injury, death, loss or damage to property, however caused, as a result of the equipment hire or any other service supplied by the business. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safety of the party guests by actively supervising the event, the guests and the use of the hire equipment. 

The Businesses decision is final in all matters relating to these Terms & Conditions of Hire.